Materials We Takeoff *

Every plan is different.
Every structure and company has its unique needs.
Here are the materials we can takeoff to meet YOUR needs:

Standard Framing Lumber:

This is all the conventional framing material, sheathing, house  wrap, tape from the foundation through the roof sheathing.  If it is  called out on the plans, we will account for it.  If something is not called out on the plans and necessary, we will give you our best educated guess and call it out in our notes for you to confirm with your client.  When it comes to Ijoist, unless told otherwise, we assume it  is taken care of by your supplier.  We also assume any EWP beam that is  flush in that system is called out by them and will be marked on our color coded images as “Assumed By Other”.  When it comes to floor and  roof trusses, again we assume it is taken care of by your vendor, but  any material needed to support said trusses will be accounted for by us.

Simpson/USP Hardware:

This is all the hardware that is called out on the plans that is not embedded into the foundation.  If you are giving us several jobs a week to do, we will work with you to develop a set of policies to follow in  order to get you the proper hardware you need on each job.  For example if you have a post on a deck, if you tell us what you want done for post caps and bases in each scenario, we can provide them to you no matter what the plans say.  Same thing for say roof rafters so we can account for the proper Simpson/USP products at the ridge, hip, ledger and then at the wall or beam.  Any Simpson/USP products that are associated with the ijoist or truss systems, will be assumed to be accounted for by that  vendor.

Siding & Cornice:

This package is the obvious items described, but also will include porch ceiling material, soffit, hand rails, deck planks, gable vents, specialty porch columns, corbels, pergolas, caulking, flashing.

Interior Trim:

Baseboard, door casing, window casing, cased openings, crown moldings, chair rails, wainscot, plinth blocks, interior columns,  coffered ceilings and closet rods/shelves.


GWB, Greenboard, Type X, Type C, etc…, mud, screws, corner bead and tape.


Shingles, starter shingles, hip/ridge shingles, ridge vent, water & ice, flashing, felt and drip edge.


We currently are able to give you square foot for this or bat  counts.  We will work with you to find out what sizes you are carrying  in order to provide this.  At this time we do not account for spray or  blown insulation.


Interior, exterior and we provide you as much information as you  require.  If you need lites or descriptions, we can provide that.  Same  thing when it comes to windows we can get very specific like “3050  double hung 4/4”. 


Floor Finishes

We provide the square footage for each type of floor finish.

If by chance there's something that you need that you don't see On Here, we are always looking to expand our services and will work with you to get you want you want.