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  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Notes Sheets
  • Color-coded Images
  • Material Lists (Both Pricing and Shipping)​
  • Turnaround Time:
  • Single Family (3-5 Days)
  • Multi-Family (5-10 Days)
  • Commercial Projects (per job)

Our Services


We're the construction industry’s most cost-effective and accurate estimating and takeoff service.  We know that takeoffs can be a very time  consuming process to do in-house, that's why we work behind-the-scenes to complete these necessary tasks so that your sales and production staff can focus on what you do best, taking care of your current customers as and developing new ones.  

The  first step on each project is going over the plans in detail to call out the materials required on the job.  If you have an item we currently do not call out, we will work with you to develop our tools to allow us complete that task within 24 hours...

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The CE Images, Notes, and Material List process will provide you a competitive advantage.


If you are in a competitive bid situation, and need a way to separate  yourself from the competition, our clear, visually appealing products  will distinguish you from the competition. Our notes service gives you the effect of doing an in-house estimation, for out-of-house prices.

You  tell us the waste factor % you want to use for studs and then the rest  of the materials and we will deliver that to you.  Our standard process  begins at 10% on all materials and 20% on studs.

We work on a large variety of projects.


CE does estimates on single family, mullti-family, additions/renovations, and commercial projects.  It doesn't matter if you need a single room or a 10 building 3 story apartment complex, CE can assist.

We  offer flat rate pricing on every service we perform.  Our single family  rates are posted here. The rest of our services are quoted on a per-job  basis depending on the size and items you need called out.  Before we  commence any job, we will quote you a flat rate cost, with NOT-TO-EXCEED PRICING.

Our Locations

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Telephone: (336) 483-4704


Columbia, South Carolina 

Telephone: (803) 397-9849 


Seattle, WAShington 

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New Jersey/New York 

Telephone: (732) 421-6732


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Telephone: (610) 812-4643

San Francisco, California

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Dallas, Texas
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Peoria, Illinois 

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